windscreen stone chip repairs in lancashire, cheshire & merseyside
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Did you Know?

Laminated windscreens are made up of two layers of glass, separated by a clear super - tough polymer sheet material (called the interlayer). This synthetic material is then bonded to the glass in a strictly controlled process, using heat and pressure!

MOT Test & your windscreen

Whilst your car is having its annual M.O.T test, the inspector will check for cracks or chips in the windscreen. Any chips greater than just 10mm in Zone 'A' will fail the mot test. In Zone 'B' anything greater than 40mm will fail the test or any significant scratching, which impairs the drivers vision, will also generate a fail.

windscreen repairs in lancashire, cheshire & merseyside

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the repairs take?

Each repair is different but usually between 25 to 40 minutes. The longer we can leave a repair to take the better!

Are the repairs permanent?

Yes, once the resin has cured it bonds permanently into the screen. The equipment, resins and training used by AutoView are second to none.

Can you repair any size chip?

You'll be surprised at what can be repaired, but due to the random nature of debris impacts, and the length of exposure, it is almost impossible to judge upfront what will successfully repair, until we start the repair process.

Do I have to come to you?

We can carry out the repair at your home or office, in all but the most extreme weather.

Will I be able to see where you have repaired my screen?

Yes, although how much of it you will be able to see will depend on how well the repair takes. In the best circumstances you will be left with a tiny smudge.

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