Car repair preston lancashire, cheshire & merseyside

Bumper Scuffs & Scratch Repairs

Our highly skillled technicians can make unsightly scratches blend in with the rest of the vehicle,using techniques that have been refined over many years and high quality 'trade only' materials.

Trusted by the trade, we can fix the scratches that normal smart repairers won't touch. 'Mid panel Key scratches' are a particular speciality. Our 'walk round & repair' service is especially popular with people returning lease or hire vehicles, or anyone wishing to achieve a lasting 'just out of the showroom look'!

Full vehicle walk round and repair prices starting at only £75* (please ask for a quote giving details of make, model and condition of your car).

Car paint repair in lancashire, cheshire & merseyside
Car paint repair in lancashire, cheshire & merseyside
Car Paint repair
Car Paint repair

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average repair time?

Single scratches can be repaired between 10 and 20 minutes. Bonnets can be
repaired in around 60 to 90 minutes, and a complete "walk-around" of a vehicle
with scratches on every panel in around 2 to 3 hours. Painting a typical bumper corner requires about 1 and a half to 2 hours and for this we will need your
paint code.

How long will the repairs last?

We offer a "lifetime" guarantee to our customers, i.e."As long as you own the
vehicle, it's still guaranteed". The paint will not fall out, wash out, or even
power-wash out. Guaranteed!

Will your techniques work on deep scratches?

We can usually get paint in the scratch. How good the repair is will have a number of dependencies, such as,how deep and wide the scratch is and how long we have to spend on the repair. We will always do our best to repair the scratch. In a nut shell, sprayless techniques will repair about 65% of scratches, 30% of the rest we can spray.

What can you do for the chips on my car?

When it comes to *totally peppered* bonnets, SSR (Sprayless) is totally unrivalled! The results can only be described as breathtaking. We have repaired many otherwise unsalvageable bonnets and SSR never fails to impress us! Every time! Okay, it won't repair large chips, but hey, what will? we can always touch in the larger chips.

What weather conditions do you work in?

We work under cover and can work in all, but the most severe weather conditions.